Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peewee From The Stray

This is Peewee and she came to live with us when she was 4 about months old. She was a stray, roaming the streets, and Reg found her when he was visiting his daughter. They both heard a faint meow and from under the car came this little kitten. Reg and his daughter tried to find out where she came from, but they came up empty so Reg decided to bring her home.
Her best friend is our shepherd Molly; they both love each other. When Molly goes outside, Peewee follows and they play "chasey". Peewee always gets the better of Molly as she runs up the trees. Then, when Molly is not watching, she jumps down behind her and the chase is on again!
Peewee's favorite toy is her Kermit the frog. She is always beating him up and when she tires of that, Kermit becomes her cuddle toy. Peewee enjoys laying in front of the heater even when it's not on, she lays on her back, legs stretched out warming her tummy and rolling all over the place. Then she goes in her silly mood, she will attack anything, even Molly. She likes to get Molly's feet, then it's on. Molly will give Peewee love bites and Peewee will slap Molly on the nose and it just keeps going until Molly has had enough.
We have another kitty named Jessy, who sleeps in our bedroom. Peewee loves to steal her food. She waits till Jessy isn't around then sneaks in. When Jessy catches her, the chase is on! Peewee will run under the bed, in the wardrobe, and under the drssing table, with Jessy hot on her tail. Then Peewee runs out of the room with Jessy slapping her backside. Feeling defeated again, Peewee calls it quits and goes back to her heater, while Jessy stands guard at the bedroom.
To let us know she wants to come inside, she will climb up the flywire on the kitchen window and just hang there, meowing, until she sees us moving toward the back door. Then she jumps down and waits at the door for us to let her in; once in she is back to her heater.
Now 7 years on and she is still with us and very happy.
Jan and Reg
Down Under

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